Yashoda Wimaladharma - Sri Lankan Teledrama & Film Actress

Sri Lankan teledrama & film beauty actress Yashoda Wimaladharma is focusing in this wonderful picture collection.

Career & Achievements

Year: 1990
Title: GURUGEDARA (Teacher's home)
Medium: Film
Director: late Wijaya Dharmasiri
Character: Neela, a theatre actress
Awards: Sarasaviya Merit Award at 1993 Sarasaviya Film Festival
Notes: Yashoís first film.

Year: 1990-1995
Title: DOO DARUWO (Children)
Medium: Television series
Character: Priyanvada
Notes: An immensely popular series with almost 8 million viewers each week.

Year: 1991
Title: HUMALAYA (Steam)
Medium: Television series
Character: Chutti, a dumb girl

Year: 1991
Title: MARUTHAYA (Storm)
Medium: Film
Character: Renuka, a story of how politics destroys an innocent girlís life.
Film Festivals: Fribourgh, Switzerland
Notes: Yashoís first lead role in a film. She was recognized as a film artiste as a result of this performance.

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